Massive Walmart Store Closings In July – List of Stores Closing

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Massive Walmart Store Closings In July

Walmart, the well-known retail giant, has been making headlines with its business decisions. Recently, the company announced the closure of three more stores, adding to the significant number of closures this year.

Along with these closures, Walmart has also ended its health care services and terminated its contract with Capital One for their credit card services.


Store Closures and Layoffs

Walmart has closed 11 stores this year and is now shutting down three more. The Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) databases show that Walmart issued new layoff notices for two stores in Georgia and one in Colorado. Specifically:

  • Arapahoe/Douglas, Colorado: 141 employees laid off as of June 6.
  • Georgia: 92 employees in Marietta and 295 employees in Dunwoody will be laid off by September 20.

This means a total of 387 employees will lose their jobs in Georgia, and a combined total of 528 employees will face layoffs in these two states.


Impact on Employees and Communities

These layoffs will undoubtedly affect the unemployment rates in these areas. Earlier this year, Walmart also closed four stores in California, one in Maryland, and one in Ohio. The closures led to layoffs impacting 1,049 employees in communities like Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Towson, Maryland; and Columbus, Ohio.

Walmart stated that these closures were necessary because the stores were not meeting financial performance expectations. The company aims to improve its overall health by eliminating underperforming locations.


Employee Transfers and Support

Despite the closures, Walmart has offered affected employees the option to transfer to other locations. However, relocating may not be financially feasible for many workers, which is likely why so many layoffs have been recorded.

Walmart’s Expansion Plans

While Walmart is closing some stores, it is also working on expanding and remodeling others. The company plans to build or convert over 150 stores in the next five years. Additionally, Walmart will remodel 650 stores across 47 states and Puerto Rico within the next 12 months. These projects aim to update existing locations and create jobs.


New Store Openings

The first new stores under Walmart’s expansion plan are located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia. The Santa Rosa Beach store opened last month, and the Atlanta store started operations in May.

Walmart’s recent store closures and layoffs are part of its strategy to eliminate underperforming locations and focus on expansion and remodeling plans. While these changes will impact many employees and communities, Walmart aims to create new job opportunities through its ambitious projects.


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