Unexpected Changes in SNAP Benefits – Food Stamp Options Will Not Be the Same

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DoorDash has announced an exciting initiative to expand access to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits on its platform. Partnering with Forage, a company that specializes in payment facilitation, DoorDash will now allow more recipients to use Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards for their orders. This move is poised to significantly impact food accessibility for millions of Americans.

Successful Integration

Since introducing the EBT card option, the initiative has been a massive success, with over 1.1 million users adding their SNAP/EBT cards to DoorDash. This reflects a growing demand for convenient, accessible ways to utilize SNAP benefits, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Streamlining Authorization

The partnership with Forage is pivotal in reducing the time required for retailers to start accepting SNAP payments. By streamlining the USDA authorization process, a broader range of retailers can now offer SNAP-eligible groceries on DoorDash. This expansion underscores DoorDash’s commitment to enhancing food access for SNAP recipients.

Broad Impact

This initiative is expected to benefit over 14 million people living in food deserts and more than 40 million individuals in communities where one in ten households already receive SNAP benefits. Fuad Hannon, VP of New Verticals at DoorDash, emphasized the significance of this partnership in supporting vulnerable communities by easing access to essential food items.


Expert Endorsements

Ofek Lavian, co-founder and CEO of Forage, expressed pride in the collaboration, highlighting its alignment with Forage’s mission to eliminate barriers to food access for low-income Americans. Similarly, Alex Beene, a financial literacy instructor, praised the initiative as a “step in the right direction” and anticipates that other apps will follow suit.

Michael Ryan, a finance expert, also endorsed the new SNAP options, citing potential long-term benefits such as lower healthcare costs and reduced stigma associated with using SNAP benefits in person. He noted that this development offers significant time-saving advantages for working parents, caregivers, seniors, and those with mobility issues.


Benefits of SNAP Expansion

The expansion of SNAP benefits on DoorDash brings several key advantages:

  • Convenience: Accessing SNAP benefits via a phone app removes the burden of transportation costs and the need to visit physical stores, which is especially beneficial for low-income families.
  • Increased Access: On-demand grocery delivery addresses barriers faced by many SNAP recipients, including those with disabilities, seniors, and individuals living in food deserts.
  • Time-Saving: For working parents and caregivers, the ability to order groceries online can save significant time and effort.
  • Independence for Seniors: Elderly individuals and those with mobility issues gain greater independence by being able to order groceries online.
  • Reduced Stigma: Utilizing SNAP benefits through an app can help diminish the stigma often associated with using these benefits in person.

Addressing Critical Needs

The need for such an initiative has become more apparent since the pandemic led to the closure of many chains serving marginalized communities. By expanding SNAP benefits, DoorDash and Forage are addressing these critical needs, ensuring that low-income families have better access to nutritious meals.


Lavian pointed out that many SNAP recipients face various constraints that make traditional in-store shopping challenging. Data shows that among the 42 million Americans receiving SNAP, a significant portion are disabled, elderly, or reside in food deserts. These circumstances, coupled with conflicting work schedules and childcare responsibilities, often make it difficult for families to shop in person.

DoorDash’s initiative to expand SNAP benefits through a partnership with Forage represents a transformative step towards improving food access for millions of Americans. By facilitating the use of EBT cards on its platform, DoorDash is helping to break down barriers and provide much-needed support to vulnerable communities. This initiative is not just a technological advancement; it’s a vital move towards ensuring food security for all.



How can I use my SNAP benefits on DoorDash?

Add your EBT card to your DoorDash account and use it as a payment option when ordering groceries.

Which areas will benefit most from this initiative?

This initiative will primarily benefit those living in food deserts and communities with high SNAP participation.


What are the advantages of using SNAP benefits on DoorDash?

It offers convenience, saves time, reduces stigma, and provides greater access to nutritious meals for low-income families.

How does Forage help with this initiative?

Forage streamlines the USDA authorization process, allowing more retailers to accept SNAP payments on DoorDash.


Will this initiative lead to lower healthcare costs?

Potentially, by providing better access to nutritious food, it could reduce long-term healthcare costs for SNAP recipients.


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