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The Australia Old Age Pension 2024 is a federal financial assistance program aimed at providing elderly pensioners with a minimal standard of living. This program helps seniors facing issues in meeting their daily requirements by offering monthly financial assistance. According to various sources, the pension amount is expected to increase, benefiting eligible seniors with additional financial support.

Program Overview

The Australia Old Age Pension is designed to provide financial assistance to seniors who meet specific age and residency requirements. The Federal Government of Australia administers this program to ensure that elderly citizens can maintain a basic standard of living.

Name Of PostAustralia Old Age Pension 2024
Governed ByFederal Government Of Australia
BeneficiariesEligible Seniors Of Australia
CategoryGovernment AID

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Old Age Pension, seniors must meet the following criteria:

General Requirements

  • Age: Must have attained the designated retirement age.
  • Citizenship: Must be a citizen of Australia.
  • Residency: Immigrants need to reside in Australia for more than ten years and be present in the country when the payment is made.
  • Means Test: Must pass the means test and asset test.

Specific Eligibility

  • Non-Residents: Applicants should consider the exemptions available for non-residents.
  • Working Abroad: Australian citizens working abroad for a Canadian employer, such as bankers or members of the armed forces, may have their time abroad counted as Australian residency if they fulfill specific conditions.

Pension Amount

The Australia Old Age Pension amount for 2024 is expected to increase by approximately 4.3%. The payment increase is distributed as follows:


For Singles

ParticularsPresent AmountIncreased Amount
Max Base Rate$1002.00$31.00
Max Pension Rate$80.70$1.40
Energy Supplement$14.10
Total Annually$28514.00$850.00

For Couples

ParticularsAmount IndvAmount CombIncreased Amount IndvIncreased Amount Comb
Max Base Rate$755.60$1511.40$23.40$46.80
Max Pension Rate$60.40$120.80$1.40$2.60
Energy Supplement$10.60$21.20

Payment Schedule

The pension payments are made monthly. Here’s a quick overview of the payment schedule for 2024:

  • Initial Payment: Just preceding the month in which the individual turns 65.
  • Subsequent Payments: On the date chosen by the individual each month.

Pension Calculator 2024

The pension calculator helps seniors estimate their benefits based on the Centrelink assets and income test methodologies. These calculations are updated when threshold values change, typically in March and September each year. For detailed information, refer to the Australian Government Department of Human Services website.


Fact Check

The Australian Age Pension is an income support program intended to help eligible older Australians. Eligibility is based on residency and means-testing requirements, with the pension age gradually rising from 66.5 years in 2024 to 67 by 2023. To qualify, residency in Australia must generally be maintained for at least ten years.

The pension rates are adjusted biannually to reflect inflation and living expenses. Additional supplements like the Energy Supplement and the Pension Supplement may also be available to assist with living costs. Pensioners benefit from concession cards providing discounts on transportation, utilities, and medical costs.


The Australia Old Age Pension 2024 represents a critical support system for elderly Australians, ensuring they can maintain a decent standard of living. The anticipated increase in payments reflects the government’s commitment to adjusting support in response to inflation and rising living costs. Eligible seniors should stay informed about the latest updates and ensure they meet all requirements to benefit from this essential program.


Who is eligible for the Australia Old Age Pension 2024?

Seniors aged 65 and above who meet residency and means-testing requirements.


How much will the pension increase in 2024?

The pension is expected to increase by approximately 4.3%.

How often are the pension payments made?

Payments are made monthly.


What is the eligibility criteria for non-residents?

Non-residents must consider exemptions and meet specific residency conditions.

Where can I find more information about the Old Age Pension?

Visit the official website at


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