Ambassador Program

Your Community Needs You! Will You Join Us?

Kathryn Spindel is a Fountaindale Public Library Trustee who is speaking out about the benefits of being a CSC Ambassador. Kathy tells us how to be the “Eyes and Ears” of the Community. Thank you for your support, Kathy!

What Does An Ambassador Do?

As a volunteers, Ambassadors spread the word about our services. They transform communities by allowing individuals and families to reach their full potential.

Ambassadors help in a variety of ways by:

  • Telling those who may need services
  • Sharing what we do with professionals and organizations
  • Inviting people to fundraisers and events
  • Speaking to groups, if desired

Additionally, our Ambassadors are the eyes and ears out in the community – listening for those who may be in need but are too afraid to ask for help, or simply don’t realize there are services available at little or no cost to them. They also report things they are hearing out in the community about CSC (good or bad), as well as share opportunities they discover that may help CSC clients.

How Do they Know What to Say?

At the start of their volunteer commitment, Ambassadors learn lots of information about CSC including:

  • How the agency helps the community and what services are offered
  • Where their services are located
  • The agency’s history of success in the community
  • Who the agency serves
  • Who are the organizations and professionals that can refer those in need of services

What is the Time Commitment

There’s a minimal time commitment. Time is spent on the following:

  • Initially learning about CSC
  • Attending one meeting per year where they connect with other Ambassadors to serve as a think tank for CSC
  • Talking to those you know about CSC, most often as you are going about your normal activities
  • Sharing social media posts

Ambassadors are also among the first to know about upcoming events and fundraisers that help support the mission.

I LOVE being a CSC Ambassador!

“So often those who need CSC services are embarrassed and don’t know who to talk to. As an Ambassador, I’ve been trained to notice the signs and to share the info they need in a way that helps them see that they’re not alone and that there’s an affordable way to get the support they need.”

– Victor Zack

What Are the Benefits?

Ambassadors know that their community needs them and that their investment of time will better the community that they live in, making it a better place for themselves their families. They also feel good knowing they:

  • Inspire and transform lives
  • Are part of a winning team
  • Have a better community because they took time to make it better

How Will I Know What to Do?

You’ll receive orientation materials, ongoing support and be placed in a Facebook group to keep you tuned into what’s going on at CSC. You’ll also receive brochures and a tour of our website.

Are you ready to help?

Email Bob Kalnicky at for more information.

Are you passionate about seeing others build a bridge to a better tomorrow? If so, consider being a CSC Ambassador. We’re always looking for community-minded individuals who are in contact with people that may need our services. If you’re gifted in noticing when others could use support, especially if they are too afraid to ask, contact us for more information about becoming an ambassador.