86-Year-Old Woman Faces $30,000 Debt with No Savings

By Elena Cordelia

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At nearly 90 years old, the last thing anyone wants is to worry about money. Sadly, that’s exactly what Joan from Jacksonville, Florida, is facing. During a recent episode of “The Ramsey Show,” Joan shared her financial struggles and the tough decisions she must make.

Joan’s Story

Joan is 86 years old and relies solely on Social Security. She owns her home and car, but she’s buried under $30,000 in credit card debt. Joan has been a single mom since she was 19, with no child support and no savings. She lives on just $1,200 a month from Social Security and worked until she was almost 80.


How Debt Piled Up

With so little money, Joan started borrowing, but it only worsened her situation. She needed about $200 more each month, so she turned to credit cards. Making only the minimum payments, her debt grew due to interest, becoming unmanageable over time.

Average Debt Among Seniors

Joan’s situation is not unique. In 2022, the average debt for households aged 65 to 74 was $134,950, according to the Federal Reserve. For those 75 and older, it was $94,620.


Limited Options

Joan’s options are limited. She could sell her 17-year-old car, but that would leave her without transportation. Selling her home and moving into an apartment is another option, but it’s not ideal. She can’t work due to her 21-year battle with leukemia, and moving in with her daughter isn’t possible because they don’t get along.

Seeking Solutions

Joan is understandably worried about her future. She needs help to find a solution that will allow her to live comfortably without the burden of debt.


Joan’s story highlights the financial struggles many elderly people face. It’s crucial to address these issues and find ways to support our seniors so they can live their golden years without the stress of financial problems.


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