Mediation is a process used to help people reach agreements. In this process, a neutral, trained mediator works with people to discuss all of the issues related to their conflict, to explore possible options for settlement, and to identify solutions that best meet the needs of each person involved.

Issues That Can Be Addressed Through Mediation
Here is a list of the most common issues that can be resolved peacefully and satisfactorily through mediation.

  • Divorce
  • Parenting Plan/Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Pre-Nuptual Agreements
  • Business Disputes
  • Eldercare Issues
  • Neighbor Disputes

Any issue that causes disagreement between two people can be addressed successfully through mediation.

Please contact Robert Kalnicky at The CSC for further information and to setup an appointment to review either of this program in greater detail.

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As a community based organization that has been in existence for over 30 years, CSC has the experience and expertise to work with you and your employees in a professional, courteous, and confidential manner. We have two programs we offer local employers to assist their employees in two areas of great need, housing and clinical counseling.

Employer Assisted Housing (EAH)

Employer-assisted housing (EAH) has been established in Illinois as a successful model that helps working families with home purchase, the primary savings vehicle for most Americans. In a time of record foreclosure rates throughout our region, EAH is also a vehicle in foreclosure prevention. With outsourced counseling and education through a not-for-profit housing expert, Community Service Council of Northern Will County, employees are safeguarded against taking mortgages they cannot afford.

EAH has a long and growing track record in the Chicago metropolitan area and is a proven benefit for employers, employees and the surrounding community. It helps build stable workforces, reduces turnover, and even saves the employer money due to state matching funds and tax credits. When employees live in the communities in which they work, families thrive. Real estate revenues increase and communities improve.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered by The Community Service Council of Northern Will County to local employers to bridge the gap between conventional health insurance coverage and the greater needs of employees. Through the EAP an employer can offer their employees a service to cover needs in any of our Clinical counseling areas.
Through this program your employees and their dependents will receive counseling at a reduced rate with the first hour of clinical counseling at no charge. The cost to the employer is based on the number of employees.

The Housing counseling staff provides much needed services in the areas of:

  • Pre-purchase housing counseling
  • Mortgage default

Most services are provided to our clients at no charge.

In addition to working with clients who are in danger of losing their homes or apartments, we also refer potential first time homebuyers to programs teaching purchase procedures and requirements of making their initial home purchase. In the process of working with these clients, they are educated on proper budgeting processes to help them prevent occurrences of a negative financial situation.

We collaborate with other United Way agencies and other social service agencies to ensure that people are able to receive any other help that may be available to them.

Please take a moment to Submit A Request For Assistance.

See also: Senior Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Our clinical counseling program provides counseling services to the general population in our region. Licensed counselors, all of whom have at least a Masters Degree, do all CSC counseling.

We also utilize interns from the various universities in the area, such as Lewis and Benedictine.

We provide counseling for an array of situations, such as:

  • couples counseling
  • divorce
  • marriage counseling
  • school related issues
  • depression and anxiety
  • anger
  • interpersonal relations

We also provide:

  • court ordered DUI evaluations
  • court ordered drug and domestic violence assessments for the Will County Court system
  • anger, drug, and domestic violence assessments for non-court ordered clients.

In addition, we offer:

  • non-court ordered anger management programs (15 weeks each) for adults and teens
  • individual domestic violence counseling sessions following the Duluth model, and are compliant with The Illinois Protocol for Partner Abuse Intervention
  • State certified partner abuse intervention sessions (28 weeks) are offered several times weekly, both evening and day time.

We also provide outreach with programs such as grief counseling and support for the caregivers of seniors.

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